ACTIVEROBOTICX is a German company, based in Bischofswiesen, Bavaria. ACTIVEROBOTICX was founded in 2017 by Andreas Trattler.


  • ARX established in Bischofswiesen, Bavaria
  • 2017 first Unmanned Ground Vehicle ZELOS R&D deliverd to Customer
  • November 2017, ACTIVEROBOTICX participates in IAEA Competition in Brisbane, Australia
  • Mai 2018, Delegation trip with the Bavarian Minister of Economics to Abu Dhabi
  • Juli 2018, Delegation trip to Japan


Provide immediate situational awareness and threat detection, reducing risk, saving lives and limiting collateral damage while maintaining the tempo of operations, providing advanced robotic solutions to take on Dirty, Demeaning and Dangerous tasks across defence, security and industries.


ACTIVEROBOTICX Vision is to become the world leader in ethical, unarmed, environmental, innovative, bespike robotic solutions for the military, Law Enforcement(LE) security, Non-Government Organisations(NGO), and industrial users. Providing bespoke, and very high quality - high reliability unmanned systems to reduce risk and save lives.


The Core Values of ACTIVEROBOTICX are as follows:

  • EXCELLENCE - Anything we do well now we can do better
  • PROFITABLE GROWTH - We aim to ensure the profitable expansion of the business to generate the return our investors want on their investment and to ensure the continued prosperity and security of our employees
  • ENTERPRISE - We thrive on innovation, by creativity and by seizing realistic opportunities, whenever they arise
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - We depend on our customers and will maintain and improve levels of service to them as a continuing priority. ACTIVEROBOTICX is a customer-centric company
  • REWARD - Achievement will bring rewards to everyone in ACTIVEROBOTICX
  • TEAMWORK - ACTIVEROBOTICX will be a company that relies on teamwork to get results
  • PROFESSIONALISM - The effective and dedicated use and development of skills is a prime requirements of ACTIVEROBOTICX
  • PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH PEOPLE - Higher productivity and therefore profitability is achieved by effective leadership and the development of a committed and well trained workforce
  • PARTNERSHIP - All employees will be treated as partners in the ACTIVEROBOTICX enterprise, to be involved in matters that affect them and to be informed in how the ACTIVEROBOTICX is performing and plans for the future
  • PEOPLE - Employees will be treated honestly and as responsible individuals. They will be given the opportunity to develop their skills and careers in ACTIVEROBOTICX; the management will be constantly aware of the need to improve the quality of working life.

Guiding Principles

The following are the "Guiding Principles of ACTIVEROBOTICX

  • Quality comes first
  • Customers are the focus of everything we do
  • Continuous improvement is essential to our success
  • Employee involvement in our way of life
  • Shareholders, Subcontrators, Suppliers, Agents, Representatives and Consultants are our partners
  • Integrity is never compromised - the conduct of the company worldwide must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commercially ethical, in a manner that commands respect for its integrity and for its positive standards
  • ACTIVEROBOTICX advanced unmanned solutions are built to legendary German design, engineering, quality, craftsmanship and manufacturing standards respected all over the world
  • ACTIVEROBOTICX designs Unmanned Systems solutions to meet specific customer requirements developing and integrating both ACTIVEROBOTICX products as well as OEM equipment.
  • ACTIVEROBOTICX will design and develop special interface control hardware and software for Unmanned Systems applications
  • ACTIVEROBOTICX products are developed using existing technologies to provide customer driven solutions that often extend the accepted boundaries of other commonly marketed systems.