Most Unmanned Systems are powered by batteries.  The most commonly-used battery technologies in ACTIVEROBOTICX(ARX) Unmanned Systems are lithium-based, as they have a higher energy density and so provide excellent power to unit weight ratio. The prevalent lithium battery chemistries are Lithium Polymer (LiPo) and Lithium Ion. Lithium Sulphur technologies are also being developed which can provide greater efficiencies in battery performance.

Lithium battery technologies are a popular choice for ARX Unmanned Systems, as the cells can be enclosed in thin, flexible aluminium pouches. This configuration saves weight compared to other battery chemistry solutions and also allows for a wider variety of design configurations.
The ability for an operator to remotely manipulate and control an Unmanned System from a safe location through a cable tether or radio link is the most mature control technology available and therefore is an area of emphasis. Teleoperation capabilities are essential to the user because they enable standoff operations and thereby reduce or remove operator risks in highly stressful and dangerous environments.

On an ACTIVEROBOTICX(ARX) Unmanned System, various sensors such as Cameras, Global Positioning System (GPS), LIDAR, ultrasonic range finder, digital compass, motion sensor, infrared sensor are installed on the UGV for the operator to better understand the environment, location, orientation, and behaviour of the system. The data is presented in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the operator who controls the Unmanned System. Electronics modules are used to implement the wireless communication and, provide a reliable connection from the UGV to the remotely located operator.

ACTIVEROBOTICX specialises in the provision of radio control systems bespoke to the end users requirements in terms of modulation, frequency, and output.

ACTIVEROBOTICX develops Unmanned Systems control technology and software for application in Research & Development, Agriculture, Mining, Surveying, Civil Security, Defence, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting and more. ARX has extensive experience automating both large and small unmanned vehicle platforms, specialising in remote control, teleoperation, and full vehicle automation. ARX remote control solutions focus on the remote control of Unmanned Systems occupied in demanding, dirty, or dangerous tasks.