Repair and Maintenance

ARX supports the maintenance needs throughout the entire life cycle of an unmanned system. Maintenance from ARX includes preventive maintenance, remote condition
monitoring, life cycle assessment, inspection and diagnostics, refurbishment and reconditioning services.

Inspection and Diagnostics
Inspection and diagnostics can help to provide useful information regarding the
condition of robotics products and systems.

Preventive Maintenance
Scheduled preventive maintenance reduces the likelihood of a failure or
component deterioration.

Refurbishment / Reconditioning Services
Refurbishment, also known as reconditioning of equipment in an authorized
workshop, includes full inspection.

Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics
Regular system health checks and reports are provided utilizing secure remote

Prolong Life-Cycles with Unmanned Systems Preventative Maintenance
Industrial robotic manufacturers recommend preventative maintenance programs
for machines due to their heavy usage and the harsh environments they operate
within. ICR’s robotics division refurbishes, sells, and purchases industrial robotics
throughout the year. Our expert field service teams employ robotic technicians and
engineers equipped to maintain your industrial robots on-site. The following benefits
are provided through ICR’s robot preventative maintenance program and
completed per OEM specifications.