The ZELOS R&D from ACTIVEROBOTICX is a versatile, reliable and durable reference platform for robotics research. ZELOS R&D is delivered ready for use.

ZELOS R&D is a compact tracked mobile robotic system. It arrives fully assembled. Additional sensors, manipulators and other accessories are also available from ARX to customise the ZELOS R&D for specific projects.  ARX offers a range of proprietary as well as 3rd party accessories that can be fully integrated with the ZELOS R&D base. Stereo and Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras for your vision robot applications and manipulators for your mobile manipulation needs are popular options. With a LIDAR system, the ZELOS R&D can map built up and enclosed spaces.

TheZELOS R&Dis an all-purpose base, offered for R&D applications, for example: Mapping, Teleoperation, Localization, Monitoring, Reconnaissance, Vision, Manipulation, Autonomous navigation, Multi-robot cooperation and other behaviours.

ZELOS R&D can help R&D teams explore new frontiers or assist in the rapid prototyping of new robotics opportunities, ARX provides world-class, robotic products built to legendary German engineering standards.

Technical Specifications