The PALLAS50 R&D is a new, robust and adaptable robot platform from ACTIVEROBOTICX(ARX). The PALLAS50 R&D, like the other robots in the R&D series, serves as a platform for research and development projects or can be adapted for use real-world scenarios. The PALLAS50 R&D is unlike other platforms in the R&D range, it is a wheeled robot. The wheel drive allows rapid and low noise mobility with low vibration travel. The PALLAS50 R&D is propelled by 4 powerful engines. The PALLAS50 R&D can be integrated with the MARX multifunction platform. Additionally, the Fraunhofer FKIE payload containers of can also be picked up and transported on this system. The expansion ports, common across the  R&D series, are also provided on the PALLAS50 R&D. Cameras, sensors, lighting, and other accesories. can be quickly attached. The compact design has a low centre of gravity and excellent stability when transiting across all surfaces.

The PALLAS50 R&D enables the use of the multifunctional payload system MARX from ACTIVEROBOTICX .

PALLAS50 R&D is a multipurpose base, offered for R&D applications, for example: Mapping, Teleoperation, Localization, Monitoring, Reconnaissance, Vision, Manipulation, Autonomous navigation, Multi-robot cooperation and other behaviours

PALLAS50 R&D is a mobile robotic platform, developed by ARX. Designed as an open system for the development of new applications. PALLAS50 R&D can help R&D teams explore new frontiers or assist in the rapid prototyping of new robotics opportunities, ARX provides world-class, robotic products built to legendary German engineering standards.