The ECHION R&D is a new, robust and adaptable robot platform from ACTIVEROBOTICX(ARX). The ECHION R&D, like the other robots in the R&D series, serves as a platform for research and development projects or can be adapted for use real-world scenarios. The unmanned system is equipped with a standard housing that allows the mounting of project-specific accessories through various integral mounting points. The compact design has an extremely low centre of gravity and wide footprint due to its crawler tracks which enables movement across chaotic surfaces.

The ECHION R&D enables the use of the multifunctional payload system MARX from ACTIVEROBOTICX

ECHION R&D is a multipurpose base, offered for R&D applications, for example: Mapping, Teleoperation, Localization, Monitoring, Reconnaissance, Vision, Manipulation, Autonomous navigation, Multi-robot cooperation and other behaviours.


- Powerful Unmanned Ground Vehicle
- Advanced and innovative track drive system
- Adaptable UGV Platform for R&D or operations
- Extreme terrain capability
- Towing capability (Optional)
- Multiple accessory attachment points
- Torque up to 1000 Nm
- Top Speed - approximately 20 km
- May be used with the MARX multifunction platform from ARX