UGV for Law Enforcement & Security

Unmanned Ground Vehicle(UGV) are not yet standard equipment across all law enforcement, security, government agencies, and organisations with security responsibilities but they have proven to be life and time-saving devices, that can provide valuable assistance to Police, Fire and Rescue Services.

Whether as a reconnaissance vehicle or as a load carrying system, UGV's can take on dangerous tasks and minimise risk to personnel.

The Unmanned Systems of ACTIVEROBOTICX can be equipped with different payloads, fitted with cameras, sensors, manipulators or a wide range of tools demonstrating the high capability and individual adaptability.

ACTIVEROBOTICX designs Unmanned System solutions to meet specific customer requirements developing and integrating both ACTIVEROBOTICX products as well as OEM equipment.

ACTIVEROBOTICX will design and develop specific interface control hardware and software for Unmanned Systems applications to meet customer needs and is open to working directly with end users in order to achieve system design to perfectly meet exacting operational requirements.

ACTIVEROBOTICX products are developed using existing technologies to provide customer-driven solutions that often extend the accepted boundaries of the commonly marketed systems.