ACTIVEROBOTICX - Robots for the applications of the future

ACTIVEROBOTICX develops, manufactures and distributes professional service robots and related components and services. Our team is currently developing various robots for applications on land, in the air and in the water. Our robots are used in the following areas: research & development, agriculture, mining, logistics, surveying, civil security and defense. In addition, ACTIVEROBOTICX develops customized solutions such as: Sensors, actuators, remote controls, communication systems, navigation and autonomous solutions, and more. In addition to mobile robot systems, we are constantly developing new solutions for the requirements of industrial robotics.

Another focus of ACTIVEROBOTICX is the development of extensive services for the use of professional servicerobotics. We create training and development programs for you and your employees. We are your partner in the realization of robot projects - from the identification of the applications to the development / production and operation of the robots to the appropriate disposal or reprocessing of existing robots.

ACTIVEROBOTICX has its own research and development department which is proactively dealing with current topics of robotics. In addition, ACTIVEROBOTICX is actively involved in current and future research projects in the field of robotics.

Robots & Components

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

ZELOS R&D is a small robot for its own research and development projects






ACTIVEROBOTICX works on various robotic systems to improve agricultural productivity and optimize yields.