Roboter für Verteidigung

The capabilities of Unmanned Systems can complement soldier's tasks performing some better and provide a remote sensing capability.

Military operations are transformed from dynamic to deliberate and by a more agile and responsive force that has significantly enhanced Situational Awareness and is immediatly more lethal, more capable and survivable.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles(UGV) can maintain the tempo of operations and provide remote sensor plattform.

The compelling applications for an ACTIVEROBOTICX UGV are:

- Saving Lives and Reducing Risk
- First Corner Clearance
- Complement military personnal on missions
- Limit Collateral Damage
- Increase Stand-Off Distances
- Maintain the Tempo of Operations
- Heightened Situational Awareness
- Shift from Dynamic to Deliberate Operations

The commitment of soldiers, especially into urban environments, exposes them to very high threats. The ability to preview and search high-risk targets from a position of cover enhances the duty of
care to forces, prevents fratricide and unnecessary collateral damage. The use of an ACTIVEROBOTICX UGV will maintain the agility and tempo of operations, and provide the commander on the ground with live Situational Awareness to make informed tactical decisions in a fluid situation.

The Unmanned Systems of ACTIVEROBOTICX can be equipped with different payloads, fitted with cameras, sensors, manipulators and a wide range of tools.

ACTIVEROBOTICX designs Unmanned Systems solutions to meet specific customer requirements developing and integrating both ACTIVEROBOTICX products as well as OEM equipment.

ACTIVEROBOTICX will design and develop specialised interface control hardware and software for Unmanned Systems applications.

ACTIVEROBOTICX products are developed using existing technologies to provide customer-driven solutions that often extend the accepted boundaries of other commonly marketed systems.