Roboter für Forschung & Entwicklung

ACTIVEROBOTICX provides Unmanned Systems as platforms specifically designed to accelerate Research and Development.

ARX provides unique Unmanned Systems solutions with “out of the box” functionality sophisticated enough to require no hardware or software engineering in order to get client R&D projects underway quickly.

Unmanned Systems and applications are a crucial emerging technology. The development of new Unmanned Systems and applications is a challenge taking significant time and effort. ARX provides a range of platforms specifically for R&D with the aim of shortening development cycles and significantly promoting the interoperability of hardware and software components.

The ARX R&D range of Unmanned Systems are platforms that will foster a rapid technology transfer that will support the development of new systems and applications, which is to the benefit of the academic and industrial communities.

R&D Unmanned Systems platforms from ARX are designed for, but not limited to, new projects aimed at developing robotic platforms, control systems for robotic platforms.
ARX Unmanned Systems for R&D are core to creating new solutions for complex technological problems, developing methods and algorithms for various fundamental and applied robotics tasks, sensors, autonomy, mobility, tools and manipulation, also autonomous driving, computer vision and machine learning.