Roboter in der Landwirtschaft

In agriculture, there are a variety of ways to increase productivity and harvest through the use of innovative ACTIVEROBOTICX Unmanned Systems. They can be used almost around the clock, thereby relieving the workforce in agriculture considerably.

Unmanned Systems can perform heavy or recurring activities better than humans over long periods of time, protecting the health of those working in agriculture.

ACTIVEROBOTICX Unmanned Systems can be used in almost all areas of agriculture.

Unmanned Air vehicles can be used to monitor crops and livestock, or provide natural pest control. Unmanned Ground vehicles can be used as harvest robots, and can be equipped with existing farm tools and navigation technologies such as GPS, GLONASS, etc. to take advantage of partial autonomy - ARX is your partner in the implementation of sophisticated Service robots for agriculture.

The potential for farmers is clear. New sensor technologies read the “signatures” indicating specific diseases or insect infestations are making it possible to spot problems, long before they are visible to the naked eye. Topographical mapping detailing differences in elevations can help farmers understand critical water flows, a capability vital in drought-stricken areas.

Traditional techniques can often be inadequate at detecting plant stress early enough to offset the lost revenue of lost yields, and are usually time-consuming, complicated, and uneconomical.

Unmanned Systems can deliver this automation in a turn-key package with visual and multispectral cameras. Health reports and analysis can be seamlessly sent to the farmer.

The potential for Unmanned Systems to advance precision agriculture is immense.