Roboter im Bergbau

Unmanned Systems in mining can vary from robotics that assists in excavation, to mobile platforms with sensors and camera systems that detect gases and other materials. Most importantly, ACTIVEROBOTICX Unmanned Systems in mining are used to keep miners safe, particularly in abandoned mines and other mining grounds that are not safe for personnel. ACTIVEROBOTICX can design and build reliable Unmanned Systems for mining and are capable of developing a solution for most mining needs.

The benefits of Unmanned Systems for mining include improved safety, higher efficiency, increased productivity, reduced unscheduled maintenance, improved working conditions, better vehicle utilisation, and reduced fatigue and attrition of mining personnel. Unmanned Systems from ACTIVEROBOTICX for mining applications are an efficient method of mitigating the effects of labour shortages and the reduction of risk to miners.

In the face of falling commodity prices, ACTIVEROBOTICX can partner with mining companies seeking to dramatically reduce overhead costs while still maintaining site safety and integrity; Unmanned Systems from ACTIVEROBOTICX are the solution.

Potential benefits from the application of Unmanned Systems in mining are diverse. A direct result will be the improvement of occupational safety for personnel. Unmanned Systems are suitable for exploration, mapping and monitoring operations. Dangerous, potentially collapsing mine sites are better explored by Unmanned Systems significantly reducing risk to miners. Unmanned Systems can continuously monitor the environmental conditions, for example, mine air measurements, and can contribute to improving safety for personnel working underground.

Additionally, recurring or tedious work routines can be assigned to Unmanned Systems, yielding a reduction of workforce and costs. Similarly, operation times and monitoring cycles may be increased.

Automated, comprehensive, accurate and cost-effective sensor-based mapping of mines by Unmanned Systems creates potential. Exploration, extraction planning and the optimisation of operations, labour protection and environmental monitoring can benefit from ACTIVEROBOTICX Unmanned Systems in mining.